Strong point of CORRUPAD shock-absorbing material Pollution-free recycling material:
- Bad paper practical use product, 100% recycling product.
- Fitness to house wares or necessities of life package.

Excellent shock-absorbing:
- When impact by nature of product itself was imposed, ideal shock-absorbing effect exhibition in gradual modification of corrugated cardboard marrow.
- Excellent shock-absorbing power.

- Time and cost-cutting by development period shortening.
- Because troy do not need, troy production cost and administration expense curtailment.
- Quick production.
- Much species and small quantity production possibility as license in all the countries of the world.
- Production time shortening.

Distribution cost curtailment:
- Size shock-absorbing material is 10 ~ 30% reduction than existent EPS.
- Spec amendment of product to produce is easy.
- Excellent Load and load bear ability.
- All technology of this Corrupad product is product that is registered.